This project seeks to reimagine the indeterminate spaces along the elevated railway of the Pointe based on the community’s perceptions. The railway is an important post-industrial element in the cultural landscape of the Pointe as it has contributed to its wealth and development. While it was a connective element that connected the neighborhood with the rest of the city, nowadays, the railway is becoming a divisive element. Not only diving the residents who either support or oppose its presence, but also dividing the urban fabric, resulting in many ‘residual’ spaces ((tunnels under railway, walls, fenced spaces etc.). These spaces are bound with many memories and unexpected stories due to the historical significance and the current debate of the railway. Moreover, as the neighborhood is undergoing gentrification, the sense of place and the industrial heritage of the neighborhood is lessening. Thus, the project aims to explore the community’s perceptions as a tool to revive and reimagine these spaces.